SFQPharma was founded eight years ago with a mission to provide the highest quality products and services for athletes who compete in bodybuilding. With our founder's expertise as an IFBB Bodybuilder, we understand the specific needs of athletes who are serious about performance and competition.

For many years, our products could only be obtained through underground channels. However, SFQPharma now offers regular users our products, giving everyone easier access to safe and effective products. We have excellent shipping agents with special shipping lines that minimize the risk of package seizure. If a package is seized, we offer free reshipment until you receive your order.


At SFQPharma, we believe in providing more than just high-quality products – we also stay connected with our customers throughout every cycle to assist them in making the most informed decisions for their goals and experiences. Our data-driven approach gives us additional insight into how steroids can be used to maximize results within cycles. To help newcomers get started on the right foot, we provide a comprehensive steroid cycle guide that includes guidelines on Wire applications. We also source from a trusted pharmaceutical facility that houses clean, safe environments with minimal alcohol concentrations for less injection pain and more control over product quality. Our shipments are discretely packaged without labels for safer passage through customs processes. Of course, we add labels to the package, but you will need to add them yourself. This approach will get you a 95% success rate in receiving the package.


Here at SFQPharma, it's our goal to provide top-tier support with expertise and efficiency so that each customer receives superior service each time they place an order with us!