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This kit is for females who want to lose weight and get their bodies toned like Instagram models. You will not only lose fat but will add muscles to your frame. You will look fit and healthy. This is the first five weeks cycle for women who wants faster results. 


Anavar is to build muscles, lose fat and tone your body like girls on Instagram. Start at 5mg a day and increase up to 10mg. If you get any side effects, stay at 5mg a day.


Clenbuterol is strictly for fat loss. Start slowly at 20mcg a day and increase the dosage up to 100mcg a day for five weeks. If you get any side effects lower the dosage.


MT-2 is to tan your skin and look better. Inject 50mg before tanning. After every three tanning session increases the dosage by 25mg. Work up to 250mg before the tanning session. Later you can inject before a tanning session just once a week to keep your skin looking brown and healthy. MT-2 also increases libido which I think is a good side effect. Don't start a standard protocol like 250-500mg a day. You just get side effects if you start at 250mg a day. Start slowly.




Anavar 10mg 100 Tablets x1

Clenbuterol 40mcg 100 Tablets x1

MT-2 10mg x 10vials




1 week - Anavar 5mg/day + Clenbuterol 20mcg

2 week - Anavar 5mg/day + Clenbuterol 40mcg

3 week - Anavar 10mg/day + Clenbuterol 60mcg

4 week - Anavar 10mg/day + Clenbuterol 80mcg

5 week - Anavar 10mg/day + Clenbuterol 100mcg


After 5 weeks cycle takes 5 weeks off. Then you can resume your cycle again. After you purchase this Kit you will have a contact with us on our application. We will consult you on any questions.



After you purchase this stack you will get a lifetime consultation on our application with a professional couch on nutrition, anabolics, and training.