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This cycle stack is for a lean person who has abs. For a person who struggles to gain weight. It's a 16-week cycle. We advise 16 weeks because only at week eight your testosterone will be at its peak. Your body needs time to get used to new muscle mass. A short cycle will only sabotage your gains when you end your PCT. We want to keep as much muscle mass as possible.




Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml x4 vials

Dianabol 10mg 100 Tablets x2 bottles

Arimidex 1mg 100 Tablets




HCG 2000IU x10 vials

Tamoxifen 25mg 100 Tablets




Testosterone Enanthate 250mg/ml twice a week. On Monday and Thursday. Don't take anti-estrogens for two weeks when you start your cycle.

Dianabol 30mg a day. If you feel no lethargy and your appetite isn't suppressed, you can up to 50mg daily. Use it for the first six weeks.

After two weeks of your steroid cycle, do blood work for estradiol (e2). Take 0.25mg of Arimidex on your Testosterone injection days (Monday and Thursday).

After one week on Arimidex, do blood work again for estradiol levels. If it's higher, then increase the dosage of Arimidex to 0.5mg. Then after one week, do blood work again.



Monday - Testosterone Enanthate 250mg, Dianabol 30mg, Arimidex 0.25mg

Tuesday - Dianabol 30mg

Wednesday - Dianabol 30mg

Thursday - Testosterone Enanthate 250mg, Dianabol 30mg, Arimidex 0.25mg

Friday - Dianabol 30mg

Saturday - Dianabol 30mg

Sunday - Dianabol 30mg




After 16 weeks, stop Testosterone Enanthate. Wait two weeks for your body to clear of Testosterone Enanthate. Start HCG 500IU every other day and add Tamoxifen 25mg daily for the first two weeks. After two weeks, stop HCG and take only Tamoxifen.



1-2 weeks HCG 500IU every other day, Tamoxifen 25mg every day

3-4 weeks Tamoxifen 25mg every day

4-6 weeks Stop everything.



After six weeks of PCT, you can wait eight more weeks. But we don't recommend this as you will lose the gains. We recommend doing six weeks of PCT and then starting a cycle again. PCT is only for fertility reasons.




We prefer Cruise if you decide to start using anabolic steroids. It's the best way to do less harm to your body and keep your hard-earned gains. You can cruise between 150 - 250mg of testosterone a week. After six weeks of the cruise, start a new cycle.






Post-cycle therapy

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After you purchase this stack you will get a lifetime consultation on our application with a professional coach on nutrition, anabolics, and training.